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Guardians of the Office: Mastering Workplace Security for Today’s Threats

Abstract  The modern workplace faces numerous physical security threats, necessitating robust governance and proactive resistance strategies. This article explores the various dimensions of workplace security, emphasising the importance of comprehensive risk assessments, developing tailored physical security strategies, and establishing clear policies and procedures. Organisations can prioritise their security measures and allocate resources effectively by identifying…

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Resilience Unplugged: Mastering Business Continuity in the Face of Chaos

Abstract  Business Continuity Management (BCM) ensures organisational resilience amidst disruptions. This comprehensive discipline encompasses the identification of potential risks, the development of continuity plans, and the establishment of effective response and recovery strategies. The first step in BCM involves recognising the importance of maintaining business operations during unforeseen events, which safeguards an organisation’s reputation and…

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Strategise This!  Contemporary Corporate Planning

Abstract This article considers contemporary corporate strategic planning issues, reflecting on strategy evolution in response to the digital age, sustainability challenges, big data, globalisation, and innovative disruptions. Each segment offers a focused analysis of strategic imperatives that modern corporations must navigate to remain competitive and resilient. The discussion begins by examining how digital transformation reshapes…

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Securing the Digital Frontier: Contemporary Issues in Cybersecurity Governance

Abstract This article examines cybersecurity governance’s challenges and strategic imperatives within modern organisations. As digital transformation deepens, robust cyber governance frameworks are essential to protecting sensitive data and maintaining trust. Each section delves into different aspects of cybersecurity, offering a comprehensive analysis and advanced strategies to enhance security posture and resilience. The initial topics explore…

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The Evolution of Procurement Practices in the Age of Globalisation and Technological Advancement

Abstract Procurement has advanced beyond traditional roles to become a strategic foundation for modern organisations facing globalisation and technological change. This article explores how procurement practices have adapted, reflecting shifts in global supply chains and new technology integration. It examines procurement’s role in enhancing organisational effectiveness and sustainability through strategic sourcing, risk management, and sustainable…

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Understanding Company Valuation: Methods and Considerations

Abstract Company valuation is an essential practice within corporate finance, aiming to ascertain the fair value of a business for a variety of purposes including mergers and acquisitions, sale value estimations, and investment analysis. This determination of value goes beyond mere numbers; it encapsulates a comprehensive understanding of the business’s assets, its market position, and…

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