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Topic 1: Leadership & Strategy
Element 1: Vision and mission clarity

“Leading Change: Why Transformation Efforts Fail” – John P. Kotter, 1995

“Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap and Others Don’t” – Jim Collins, 2001

“Mission Statement Theory and Practice: A Content Analysis and New Direction” – Chris Bart, Nick Bontis, 2003

“Strategic Leadership and Decision Making: Leveraging Vision and Values to Influence Culture” – Thomas L. Wheelen, J. David Hunger, 2012

“Building Your Company’s Vision” – James C. Collins, Jerry I. Porras, 1996

“Strategy Safari: A Guided Tour Through The Wilds of Strategic Management” – Henry Mintsberg, Bruce Ahlstrand, Joseph Lampel, 1998

“Visionary Leadership in Organisations: Successful Strategies for Building and Sustaining High Performance” – Burt Nanus, 1992

“The Role of the Mission Statement in Strategic Management” – Irene Henriques, Perry Sadorsky, 1999

“The Mission Driven Organisation: From Good to Great to Innovations That Push the Envelope” – Robert M. Tomasko, 2006

“Creating and Implementing Your Strategic Plan: A Workbook for Public and Nonprofit Organisations” – John M. Bryson, Farnum K. Alston, 2011

element 2: Stratigic planning

Good Strategy Bad Strategy: The Difference and Why It Matters – Richard Rumelt, 2011.

Playing to Win: How Strategy Really Works – A.G. Lafley and Roger L. Martin, 2013.

Blue Ocean Strategy: How to Create Uncontested Market Space and Make the Competition Irrelevant – W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne, 2005.

Strategy Safari: A Guided Tour Through The Wilds of Strategic Management – Henry Mintzberg, Bruce Ahlstrand, and Joseph Lampel, 1998.

Strategic Management: A Stakeholder Approach – R. Edward Freeman, 1984.

Competitive Strategy: Techniques for Analysing Industries and Competitors – Michael E. Porter, 1980.

The Art of Strategy: A Game Theorist’s Guide to Success in Business and Life – Avinash K. Dixit and Barry J. Nalebuff, 2008.

Strategic Planning for Public and Nonprofit Organisations: A Guide to Strengthening and Sustaining Organisational Achievement – John M. Bryson, 2011.

Strategic Intuition: The Creative Spark in Human Achievement – William Duggan, 2007.

The Strategy Process: Concepts, Contexts, Cases – Henry Mintzberg and James Brian Quinn, 1991.

element 3: ceo selection & evaluation

CEO Succession: A Window on How Boards Can Get It Right When Choosing a New Chief Executive – Dennis C. Carey, Dayton Ogden, and Judith A. Roland, 2000.

Searching for a Corporate Savior: The Irrational Quest for Charismatic CEOs – Rakesh Khurana, 2002.

The CEO Within: Why Inside Outsiders Are the Key to Succession Planning – Joseph L. Bower, 2007.

The Leadership Machine: Architecture to Develop Leaders for Any Future – Michael M. Lombardo, Robert W. Eichinger, 2000.

Leadership Succession: Strategies for Management and Organisational Continuity – Walter F. Ulmer, 1984.

Succession: Mastering the Make-or-Break Process of Leadership Transition – Noel M. Tichy, 2014.

The Seasoned Executive’s Decision-Making Style – Kenneth R. Brousseau, Michael J. Driver, Gary Hourihan, and Rikard Larsson, Harvard Business Review, 2006.

CEO Selection: Best Practices and Advice from Leading Search Experts – Jason W. Womack and Paul Winum, 2013.

Governance and CEO Turnover: Do Something or Do the Right Thing? – Mark R. DesJardine, Rodolphe Durand, Strategy Science, 2020.

The Effectiveness of CEO Selection Processes: An Empirical Study – Stephen J. Connelly, Amy E. Colbert, Academy of Management Journal, 2011.

element 4: succession planning

Succession Planning for the 21st Century: How to Boost Your Company’s Performance and Create a Flexible and Rewarding Work Environment – Steve M. Miska, 1999

Succession: Mastering the Make-or-Break Process of Leadership Transition – Noel M. Tichy, 2014

The CEO Within: Why Inside Outsiders Are the Key to Succession Planning – Joseph L. Bower, 2007

Building Leaders: How Successful Companies Develop the Next Generation – Jay A. Conger and Robert M. Fulmer, 2003

Effective Succession Planning: Ensuring Leadership Continuity and Building Talent from Within – William J. Rothwell, 2010

Leaders at All Levels: Deepening Your Talent Pool to Solve the Succession Crisis – Ram Charan, 2008

Next Generation Talent Management: Talent Management to Survive Turmoil – Andres Hatum, 2010

Passing the Baton: Managing the Process of CEO Succession – Richard Elson, 2001

The New Succession Planning: Creating a Sustainable System for Resilience and Continuity – Peter Ward, 2016

Planning and Managing Human Resources: Strategic Planning for Personnel Management – William J. Rothwell, 2015

element 5: risk management oversight

“Enterprise Risk Management: From Incentives to Controls” – James Lam, 2014

“Strategic Risk Management: A Practical Guide to Portfolio Risk Management” – David Iverson, 2013

“The Essentials of Risk Management” – Michel Crouhy, Dan Galai, and Robert Mark, 2014

“The Failure of Risk Management: Why It’s Broken and How to Fix It” – Douglas W. Hubbard, 2009

“Global Risk Management: Financial, Operational, and Insurance Strategies” – Jongmoo Jay Choi and John E. Parsons, 2019

“Handbook of Integrated Risk Management in Global Supply Chains” – Panos Kouvelis, Lingxiu Dong, Onur Boyabatli, Rong Li, 2012

“The Standard for Risk Management in Portfolios, Programmes, and Projects” – Project Management Institute, 2019

“Leadership and Governance from the Inside Out” – Robert Gandossy and Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, 2004

“Corporate Governance and Risk: A Systems Approach” – John R. Boatright, 2004

Element 1: Board diversity

“Diversity on Corporate Boards: How Much Difference Does Difference Make?” by Deborah L. Rhode and Amanda K. Packel, 2010.

“The Diversity Bonus: How Great Teams Pay Off in the Knowledge Economy” by Scott E. Page, 2017.

“Board Diversity and Corporate Performance: Filling in the Gaps” by Diane K. Denis and Sarosh Kuruvilla, 2013.

“Corporate Governance: The International Journal of Business in Society” – Special Issue on Board Diversity, Edited by Lutfus Sayeed and Abraham Stefanidis, 2012.

“Women on Boards: The Superheroes of Tomorrow’s Corporate Governance?” by Catherine Seierstad and Gillian Warner-Søderholm, 2017.

“Gender Diversity in the Boardroom: Multiple Approaches Beyond Quotas” by Cathrine Seierstad, Patricia Gabaldon, and Heike Mensi-Klarbach, 2017.

“The Handbook of Board Governance: A Comprehensive Guide for Public, Private, and Not-for-Profit Board Members” edited by Richard Leblanc, 2016 (contains chapters on board diversity).
“Boardroom Diversity and Its Effect on Social Performance: Conceptualisation and Empirical Evidence” by Irene Herremans, Laury Bollen, and Sandra van Gils, 2016.

“Ethnic Diversity on Boards of Directors and Its Implications on Firm Financial Performance” by Ali Dastmalchian, Carolyn McMillan, and Graham Shaw, 2019.

“Board Diversity in the Fortune 500: A Statistical Exploration and Analysis” by Mary Ann Hazen, 2015.

element 2: board size and composition

“Corporate Boards: Managers of Risk, Sources of Risk” – L. H. P. M. Stassen, 2010.

“Board Structure, Composition and Performance in U.S. and UK Companies” – A. Minichilli, A. Zattoni, 2009.

“Boards of Directors in European Companies: Reshaping and Harmonising Their Organisation and Duties” – R. J. R. Kraakman, 2006.

“The Composition of Boards of Directors and Strategic Control: Effects on Corporate Strategy” – K. J. Baysinger, R. E. Hoskisson, 1990.

“Diversity in the Boardroom: Is Board Diversity a Corporate Performance Driver?” – D. Carter, B. Simkins, W. G. Simpson, 2003.

“The Effectiveness of Corporate Governance Board Composition: Theoretical and Empirical Evidence” – J. H. Hillman, T. Dalziel, 2003.

“Board Structure and the Financial Performance of Publicly Traded Companies” – T. Fields, T. L. Phan, 2007.

“Optimal Board Composition and Organisational Performance: The Case of Private Firms” – E. Gabrielsson, M. Huse, 2004.

“Board Size and Corporate Strategies: The Implications for Corporate Governance” – S. Yermack, 1996.

“Governance Through the Boardroom: Perspectives on the Governance of Corporations in the Twenty-First Century” – P. W. MacAvoy, 2002.

element 3: committee structure

“Corporate Governance and Chairmanship: A Personal View” – Adrian Cadbury, 2002

“Boards at Work: How Corporate Boards Create Competitive Advantage” – Ram Charan, 1998

“Board Structure and Corporate Performance” – K. J. Daily, D. R. Dalton, 1993

“The Effective Board: Building Individual and Board Success” – Neville Bain, 2008

“Corporate Governance: Principles, Policies, and Practices” – Bob Tricker, 2012

“The Dynamics of Corporate Governance: International and Comparative Perspectives” – Steen Thomsen, Martin Conyon, 2012

“The Board Book: An Insider’s Guide for Directors and Trustees” – William G. Bowen, 2008

“The Role of the Board Committee in Corporate Governance” – J. Robert Brown, 2005

“Board Committees: Enhancing Corporate Governance” – Brian Coyle, 2007

“Committee Leadership in Corporate Boards” – Margarita Tsoutsoura, 2014

element 4: board member independence

“Corporate Governance and Chairmanship: A Personal View” – Adrian Cadbury, 2002

“Boards That Lead: When to Take Charge, When to Partner, and When to Stay Out of the Way” – Ram Charan, Dennis Carey, Michael Useem, 2014

“The Value of Corporate Governance” – Yermack, D., 1996 (Article)

“Directors as Guardians of Compliance and Ethics Within the Corporate Citadel: What the Policy Community Should Know” – Donna Boehme, Michael D. Greenberg, 2010 (Article)
“The Independent Director: The Non-Executive Director’s Guide to Effective Board Presence” – Gerry Brown, 2015

“Board Independence and Long-Term Performance” – Sanjai Bhagat, Bernard Black, 2002 (Article)

“The Dynamics of Corporate Governance: Economic, Management, and Financial Issues” – Harry Korine, Pierre-Yves Gomez, 2008

“Boardroom Realities: Building Leaders Across Your Board” – Jay A. Conger, 2009

“Corporate Boards: New Strategies for Adding Value at the Top” – Jay A. Conger, Edward E. Lawler III, David Finegold, 2001

“Boardroom Excellence: A Common Sense Perspective on Corporate Governance” – Paul P. Brountas, 2004

element 5: member skills and expertise

“Boards That Lead: When to Take Charge, When to Partner, and When to Stay Out of the Way” – Ram Charan, Dennis Carey, Michael Useem, 2014

“Boardroom Diversity and its Effect on Social Performance: Conceptualisation and Empirical Evidence” – Silke Machold, Pervaiz K. Ahmed, Stuart Farquhar, 2013

“The Handbook of Board Governance: A Comprehensive Guide for Public, Private, and Not-for-Profit Board Members” – Richard Leblanc (Editor), 2016

“Corporate Governance and Chairmanship: A Personal View” – Adrian Cadbury, 2002

“The Value Adding Board – its Focus and Work” – Leif Melin, Marina P. Biniari, 2005

“Building Better Boards: A Blueprint for Effective Governance” – David A. Nadler, Beverly A. Behan, Mark B. Nadler, 2006

“Board Structure and Corporate Performance: Evidence from India’s Top Companies” – Shrinivas Kowligi, 2010

“The Governance of Corporate Groups” – Janet Dine, 2000

“The Effective Board: Building Individual and Board Success” – Neville Bain, 2008

“Diversity on Corporate Boards: How Much Difference Does Difference Make?” – Deborah Rhode, Amanda K. Packel, 2010

Element 1: Finacial reporting

“Financial Reporting, Financial Statement Analysis and Valuation” by James M. Wahlen, Stephen P. Baginski, Mark T. Bradshaw, 2017.

“Ethics in Accounting: A Decision-Making Approach” by Gordon Klein, 2015.

“Corporate Financial Reporting and Performance: A New Approach” by K.R. Subramanyam, 2014.

“Accountability and the Foundation of Financial Reporting” by Michael J. Jones, 2011.

“International Ethics Standards Board for Accountants: A Study of Ethical Standards” by Richard E. Baker, Valdean C. Lembke, Thomas E. King, 2018.

“Ethical Issues in Accounting: Professional Ethics” edited by John Blake, Jane Mouton, 2016.

“Financial Reporting and Analysis: Using Financial Accounting Information” by Charles H. Gibson, 2013.

“The Ethics of Accounting and Finance: Trust, Responsibility, and Control” by W. Michael Hoffman, Judith Brown Kamm, Robert E. Frederick, 1996.

“Ethics in Finance” by John R. Boatright, 2013.

“The Impact of Corporate Governance on the Quality of Financial Reports” by Jill Solomon, 2014.

element 2: stake holder engagement

“Stakeholder Theory: The State of the Art” – R. Edward Freeman, Jeffrey S. Harrison, Andrew C. Wicks, 2010

“Corporate Social Responsibility: Readings and Cases in a Global Context” – Andrew Crane, Dirk Matten, Jeremy Moon, 2008

“Engaging with Stakeholders: A Relational Perspective on Responsible Business” – Sandra Waddock, 2011

“The Ethics of Engagement: Media, Globalisation and Democracy” – Peter L. Berger, 2003
“Accountability in Social Interaction” – Jeffrey D. Robinson, 2016

“Corporate Social Responsibility and Stakeholder Theory: Learning from Each Other” – Robert Phillips, R. Edward Freeman, Andrew C. Wicks, 2003

“The Practice of Stakeholder Engagement: Reflecting on the UK Experience” – Janette Webb, 2012

“Stakeholder Engagement: Clinical Research Cases” – Donaldson, Thomas, and Lee E. Preston, 2012

“Building Trust in Diverse Teams: The Toolkit for Emergency Response” – Emma J. Soane, Chris Clegg, and Susan Schnall, 2010

“Ethics, The Heart of Leadership” – Joanne B. Ciulla, 2004

element 3: Ethical Standards and Compliance
“Ethics and Compliance Programs in Multinational Organisations” – Katharina Wulf, 2012. “Corporate Ethics and Corporate Governance” – Walther C. Zimmerli, Klaus Richter, Markus Holzinger (Eds.), 2007. “The Oxford Handbook of Business Ethics” – George G. Brenkert (Ed.), 2010. “Managing Business Ethics: Straight Talk about How to Do It Right” – Linda K. Treviño, Katherine A. Nelson, 2016. “Ethics at Work: Creating Virtue at an American Corporation” – Daniel Terris, 2005. “Handbook of Research on Business Ethics and Corporate Responsibilities” – Daniel E. Palmer (Ed.), 2015. “The Ethical Challenge: How to Lead with Unyielding Integrity” – Norman E. Bowie, T. Donaldson, 2003. “Compliance & Ethics Essentials” – Joseph E. Murphy, Joshua H. Leet, 2018. “Ethics, Governance, and Corporate Crime: Challenges and Consequences” – Helen Y. Nicholls, 2014. “Moral Issues in Business” – William H. Shaw, Vincent Barry, 2016.
element 4: Transparency
“Transparency in Global Environmental Governance: Critical Perspectives” by Aarti Gupta and Michael Mason, 2014 “The Transparency Society” by Byung-Chul Han, 2015 “Transparency and Conspiracy: Ethnographies of Suspicion in the New World Order” by Harry G. West and Todd Sanders, 2003 “The Reckoning: Financial Accountability and the Making and Breaking of Nations” by Jacob Soll, 2014 “Governing Through Transparency: Public Accountability and the Social Sciences” by Jenny de Fine Licht, 2018 “The Ethics of Information” by Luciano Floridi, 2013 “Open Government: Transparency, Accountability, and Participation” edited by Daniel Lathrop and Laurel Ruma, 2010 “Ethics, Transparency, and Governance” by Michael Macaulay, 2014 “Trust in Numbers: The Pursuit of Objectivity in Science and Public Life” by Theodore M. Porter, 1996 “The Ethics of Transparency: The Ethical Implications of ICT-mediated Visibility” by Effy Vayena and Urs Gasser, 2016
element 5: Conflict of Interest Management
Element 1: Board Performance Evaluation

“Board Performance and Organisational Effectiveness in Nonprofit Organisations” – Richard Leblanc, 2021

“Evaluating Board Performance: What’s Effective and What Isn’t” – John Carver, 2019

“The Handbook of Board Governance: A Comprehensive Guide for Public, Private, and Not-for-Profit Board Members” – Richard Leblanc (Editor), 2020

“Boardroom Realities: Building Leaders Across Your Board” – Jay A. Conger, 2009

“Improving Board Effectiveness: Practical Lessons for Nonprofit Health Care Organizations” – Marion R. Fremont-Smith and Andras Kosaras, 2016

“The Dynamics of Corporate Governance: Strategies, Practices and Challenges” – Simon Learmount, 2018

“Board Leadership and Governance in Nonprofit Organisations” – Yvonne Harrison and Vic Murray, 2012

“Governance as Leadership: Reframing the Work of Nonprofit Boards” – Richard P. Chait, William P. Ryan, and Barbara E. Taylor, 2005

“Board Directors and Corporate Social Responsibility” – Peter A. Stanwick and Sarah D. Stanwick, 2021

“Boards That Lead: When to Take Charge, When to Partner, and When to Stay Out of the Way” – Ram Charan, Dennis Carey, and Michael Useem, 2014

element 2: Individual Director Evaluation

“Board Directors and Corporate Social Responsibility” by Petrovic, O., 2012.

“Evaluating Boards and Directors” by Cadbury, A., 1995.

“Board Performance and Organisational Effectiveness in Nonprofit Organisations” by Brown, W. A., 2007.

“Director Independence and Board Evaluations” by Roberts, J., McNulty, T., and Stiles, P., 2005.

“Corporate Governance and Board Effectiveness” by Johnson, J. L., Daily, C. M., and Ellstrand, A. E., 1996.

“The Dynamics of Corporate Governance: Economic, Sociological, and Psychological Theories” by Huse, M., 2007.

“Governance as Leadership: Reframing the Work of Nonprofit Boards” by Chait, R. P., Ryan, W. P., and Taylor, B. E., 2005.

“Improving Board Performance through Balanced Scorecards” by Kaplan, R. S., and Norton, D. P., 2001.

“The Value of Corporate Governance” by Clarke, T., 2007.

“Strategic Leadership at the Board Level” by Westphal, J. D., and Fredrickson, J. W., 2001.

element 3: Continuing Education

“Evaluating Training Programs: The Four Levels” by Donald L. Kirkpatrick, 1994.

“The Fifth Discipline: The Art & Practice of The Learning Organisation” by Peter M. Senge, 1990.

“Designing and Implementing Effective Professional Learning” by John Murray, 2003.

“Performance Assessment: Methods and Applications” by John Ory, 2000.

“Adult Education and Lifelong Learning: Theory and Practice” by Peter Jarvis, 2004.

“Building Expertise: Cognitive Methods for Training and Performance Improvement” by Ruth Colvin Clark, 2008.

“Continuing Professional Development: A Guide for Information Professionals” by Graham Walton and Alison Pope, 2005.

“Transformative Learning in Practice: Insights from Community, Workplace, and Higher Education” by Jack Mezirow and Edward W. Taylor, 2009.

“Measuring Performance in Public and Nonprofit Organisations” by Theodore H. Poister, 2003.

“The Handbook of Blended Learning: Global Perspectives, Local Designs” by Curtis J. Bonk and Charles R. Graham, 2006.

element 4: Meeting Effectiveness

Effective Meetings: Improving Group Decision Making – John E. Tropman, 2013

The Surprising Science of Meetings: How You Can Lead Your Team to Peak Performance – Steven G. Rogelberg, 2019

Meeting Architecture: A Manifesto – Maarten Vanneste, 2008

The Complete Handbook of Business Meetings – Eli Mina, 2000

Making Meetings Work: Achieving High Quality Group Decisions – John E. Tropman, 2003

The Magic of Facilitation: The Art of Facilitation to Achieve Remarkable Results – Sam Kaner, 2014

Meetings, Manners and Civilisation: The Development of Modern Meeting Behaviour – Wilbert Van Vree, 1999

The Modern Meeting Standard: For Successful and Effective Meetings – Al Pittampalli, 2011

Mastering Meetings: Discovering the Hidden Potential of Effective Business Meetings – Glenn M. Parker, 1996

The Economics of Meeting Effectiveness: Theoretical and Empirical Analyses – Brian Uzzi, 2007

element 5: Information and Support

“Performance Measurement and Management: A Strategic Approach to Management Accounting” by Paul R. Niven, 2007.
“Evaluating Information Systems: Public and Private Sector” by Zahir Irani and Peter Love, 2008.

“Information Technology Evaluation Methods and Management” by Wim Van Grembergen, 2001.

“Performance Evaluation: Proven Approaches for Improving Program and Organisational Performance” by Ingrid J. Guerra-López, 2008.

“Managing and Measuring Performance in Public and Nonprofit Organisations: An Integrated Approach” by Theodore H. Poister, Maria P. Aristigueta, and Jeremy L. Hall, 2014.

“Information Systems for You” by Stephen Doyle, 2000.

“Handbook of Practical Program Evaluation” by Kathryn E. Newcomer, Harry P. Hatry, and Joseph S. Wholey, 2015.

“Strategic Performance Management: A Managerial and Behavioural Approach” by Bernard Marr, 2006.

“The Practice of Adaptive Leadership: Tools and Tactics for Changing Your Organisation and the World” by Ronald A. Heifetz, Marty Linsky, and Alexander Grashow, 2009.

“Key Performance Indicators: Developing, Implementing, and Using Winning KPIs” by David Parmenter, 2015.