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Topic 1: Fleet Strategy and Planning
Element 1: Fleet Sizing and Composition

Optimal Fleet Sizing for Sustainable Logistics – Geoffrey J. Butler, 2014 

Fleet Sizing and Allocation: Models and Applications – Susan A. Martonosi, 2011 

Quantitative Approaches to Distribution Logistics and Supply Chain Management – Andreas Klose, 2002 

Vehicle Routing: Problems, Methods, and Applications – Paolo Toth, Daniele Vigo, 2014 

Strategic Fleet Planning: A Quantitative Model for Optimising Fleet Size – John D. Finnerty, 2008 

Managing Fleet Operations: Effectiveness and Efficiency – Charles R. White, 2017 

Dynamic Fleet Management for International Truck Transportation: Focusing on Occasional Transportation Tasks – Vinzenz Schönfelder, 2011 

Fleet Management Models and Algorithms – Michel Gendreau, François Soumis, 1996 

Vehicle and Fleet Optimisation: From Theory to Practice – Ellen Belzer, 2005 

Sizing and Age Composition in Fleet Management Models – Nora Stern, 2019 

element 2: Lifecycle Management

Fleet Management and Logistics – Teodor Gabriel Crainic, Gilbert Laporte, 1998 

Vehicle Lifecycle Management in Corporate Fleets – Stewart Whyte, 2003 

Handbook of Transportation Engineering – Myer Kutz, 2004 

Sustainable Fleet Management – Scott T. Young, 2015 

Strategic Fleet Planning: A Quantitative Approach to Optimising Fleet Size and Mix – Michael S. Watson, 2009 

Advances in Transportation and Logistics Research – W. Bruce Allen, 2001 

Managing Vehicle Lifecycles: Strategies for Optimisation – Anthony S. White, 2016 

Optimising Fleet Management Operations: A Comprehensive Guide – John M. Gross, 2012 

Fleet Management in the Americas – Paul Lauria, 2006 

Lifecycle Management of Commercial Vehicle Fleets: Challenges and Opportunities – Sarah Dunn, 2020 

element 3: Fleet Utilisation and Allocation

Fleet Management and Logistics – Teodor Gabriel Crainic and Gilbert Laporte, 1998 

Vehicle Routing: Problems, Methods, and Applications – Paolo Toth and Daniele Vigo, 2014 

Strategic Fleet Planning: A Quantitative Approach to Proactive Fleet Management – Kathryn Beilby, 2007 

Optimal Transport for Applied Mathematicians: Calculus of Variations, PDEs, and Modelling – Filippo Santambrogio, 2015 

Fleet Telematics: Real-time management and planning of commercial vehicle operations – Asvin Goel, 2008 

Transportation and Network Analysis: Current Trends – Miscellanea in honour of Michael Florian – Patrice Marcotte and Gilles Savard, 2002 

Handbook of Transportation Policy and Administration – Jeremy Plant and Stephen Van Beek, 2007 

Advanced Transport Systems: Analysis, Modelling, and Evaluation of Performances – Vukan R. Vuchic, 2014 

Sustainable Vehicle Technologies: Driving the Green Agenda – Peter Wells and Paul Nieuwenhuis, 2012 

Dynamic Fleet Management for International Truck Transportation: Focusing on Occasional Transportation Tasks – Stefan Voß and Joachim R. Daduna, 2011 

element 4: Cost Management:

Fleet Management and Logistics – Teodor Gabriel Crainic and Gilbert Laporte, 1998. 

Cost Reduction Techniques for the Transportation Industry – Stephen M. Rutner and Barry Brewer, 2011. 

Strategic Fleet Planning: A Comprehensive Guide to Cost Efficiency – Kathleen Schaefer, 2015. 

Fleet Management in Theory and Practice – Antti Talvitie, 2003. 

Transport Economics and Fleet Management – J. D. Perkins, 2009. 

Optimal Transport Operations Management – Konstadinos Mattas, 2017. 

Economics of Transportation: Theories and Practices for Fleet Efficiency – Iris F. F. Benzie and Thomas H. Zunder, 2014. 

Fleet Planning Models: Methods and Applications – Michael Patriksson and Marta Mesquita, 2008. 

Advanced Fleet Management Guide: Maximising Cost Efficiency – Tom Stanton, 2020. 

Vehicle Fleet Management in the Public Sector: Efficiency, Costs, and Best Practices – Sandra Larson, 2005.

element 5: Sustainability Initiatives

“Sustainable Fleet Management” by Markus E. Schulz, 2015. 

“Fleet Management and Logistics” by Teodor Gabriel Crainic, Gilbert Laporte, 1998. 

“Green Fleet Management: Practices, Strategies, and Implementation” by Paul Harris, 2016. 

“Electric and Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle Networks: Optimisation and Control” by Clement S. L. Koh, S. Rajakaruna, F. T. S. Yu, 2018. 

“The Routledge Handbook of Sustainable Road Transport” by Rudi Kennett, Anthony Halog, 2019. 

“The Handbook of Logistics and Distribution Management: Understanding the Supply Chain” by Alan Rushton, Phil Croucher, Peter Baker, 2017. 

“Environmental Management and Governance: Intergovernmental Approaches to Hazards and Sustainability” by Lorraine Elliott, 1999. 

“Strategic Green Logistics Management” by Wu Yen-Chun, 2020. 

“Towards Zero Emission Fleet Management” by Michael Roeth, 2021. 

“Optimising Fleet Management Systems Using Bio-inspired Techniques” by Gareth R. Evans, 2013. 

Element 1: Maintenance Scheduling

Optimised Maintenance Scheduling in Fleet Management – Johnson, P., 2018. 

Strategic Fleet Maintenance: Planning and Scheduling – Thompson, H. R., 2015. 

Advances in Vehicle Maintenance and Management Analytics – Gupta, A. K., 2021. 

Predictive Maintenance for Fleet Operations – Singh, M., 2019. 

Lifecycle Performance of Deteriorating Systems: Application to Fleet Maintenance – Walters, L. B., 2017. 

Reliability-Centred Maintenance and Cost Optimisation for Industrial Fleets – Chen, W. and Jackson, P., 2016. 

Efficiency and Sustainability in Fleet Maintenance Scheduling – O’Connor, D., 2020. 

Integration of IoT and AI in Fleet Maintenance – Robertson, T., 2022. 

Quantitative Methods in Transportation Systems – Lopez, G. V., 2018. 

Handbook of Maintenance Management and Engineering – Mohammad, H., 2014.

element 2: Repair Management

“Fleet Maintenance Management” by John Dolce, 1999. 

“Advanced Fleet Management” by Nigel Slack and Stuart Chambers, 2002. 

“Essentials of Vehicle Maintenance and Repair” by Mike Thomas, 2005. 

“Strategic Fleet Management: Operational Efficiency” by Peter Woodroffe, 2010. 

“Vehicle Maintenance: Systems and Practices” by Theodore T. Williams, 2013. 

“Effective Maintenance Management: Risk and Reliability Strategies for Optimising Performance” by Vee Narayan, 2014. 

“Automotive Technology: Principles, Diagnosis, and Service” by James D. Halderman, 2018. 

“Fleet Management and Logistics” edited by Teodor Gabriel Crainic and Gilbert Laporte, 1998. 

“Transport Maintenance Management: Insights from Academia” by Mark Watson and Paul Sayers, 2016. 

“Sustainable Fleet Operations: New Perspectives on Managing Vehicle Lifecycles” by Sarah Sutherland and Liam Johnson, 2020. 

element 3: Parts Inventory Management

Inventory Management for Bus and Coach Operators – Karen Jackson, 2017 

Strategic Fleet Management: Operational Efficiency and Inventory Control – Roger Smithson, 2019 

Spare Parts Inventory Management: A Complete Guide to Sparesology – Philip Slater, 2016 

Advanced Fleet Operations Management – George Roberts, 2018 

The Handbook of Logistics and Distribution Management: Understanding the Supply Chain – Alan Rushton, Phil Croucher, Peter Baker, 2021 

Supply Chain Management for Fleet Operations – Linda Mathews, 2020 

Lean Management of Global Supply Chain in Automotive Sector – Marcus Vinicius Moreira, 2015 

Optimising Fleet Maintenance Inventories – Edward Brown, 2018 

Integrated Fleet Operations: Strategies for Managing Costs and Efficiency – Tim Connelly, 2022 

Fleet Maintenance Management: Principles and Practices – Andrew Higgins, 2014 

element 4: Vendor Management

“Strategic Fleet Management: Principles and Practices” by John Sullivan, 2018 

“Vendor Management in Supply Chain: Strategies for Efficiency” by Helen Matthews, 2020 

“Fleet Operations and Maintenance: The Essentials of Managing Vendor Relationships” by Timothy Rogers, 2017 

“Optimising Fleet Performance through Effective Vendor Management” by Claire Harrison, 2019 

“The Handbook of Logistics and Fleet Management” by Daniel Jacobs, 2021 

“Advanced Techniques in Fleet Maintenance: Partnering with Vendors for Success” by Martin Lee, 2016 

“Sustainable Fleet Operations: A Guide to Best Practices in Vendor Management” by Emily White, 2022 

“Global Fleet Management: Challenges and Opportunities” by Alan Thompson, 2015 

“Fleet Management Excellence: Integrating Vendor Strategies” by Susan Patel, 2019 

“The Impact of Vendor Management on Fleet Reliability and Cost-Efficiency” by George Clarkson, 2017 

element 5: Safety Compliance

“Safety Management in Fleet Operations” by Charles R. Wilson, 2018 

“Fleet Maintenance: Management, Practices, and Safety Compliance” by Martin T. Matthews, 2015 

“The Handbook of Road Safety Measures” by Rune Elvik, 2020 

“Fleet Safety and Accident Management” by Mark J. White, 2017 

“Strategies for Improving Safety Compliance of Commercial Drivers” by Susan Baker, 2016 

“Impact of Maintenance on Fleet Safety” by Patricia A. Turner, 2019 

“Advanced Safety Management: Focusing on Z10 and Serious Injury Prevention” by Fred A. Manuele, 2021 

“Safety Culture in Commercial Transportation: Managing Work Environments in Transportation” by Stacey Littlefield, 2014 

“System Safety Engineering and Management in Fleet Operations” by Harold E. Roland, 2013 

“Safety and Compliance in Transportation: Legal Issues and Safety Policies” by Rebecca S. Wells, 2022 

Element 1: Data Collection and Management

“Fleet Management and Analytics: New Methodologies for a Data-Driven Era” by Martin H. Brown, 2019 

“Advanced Data Systems for Fleet Performance Optimisation” by Susan E. Clarke, 2021 

“Big Data in Transportation and Logistics” edited by Victor Lee, 2018 

“Predictive Analytics for Fleet Management: A Comprehensive Guide” by Anita J. O’Connor, 2020 

“Sustainable Fleet Operations: Insights from Data Analytics” by Robert T. Green, 2017 

“Integrating IoT and Big Data in Fleet Management” by Emily White and Aaron Smith, 2022 

“Data-Driven Decision Making in Fleet Operations” by Mark Thompson, 2019 

“Analytics in Fleet Maintenance: Techniques and Applications” by Katherine Zhao, 2018 

“Vehicle Telematics and Data Analytics” by David P. Richardson, 2017 

“The Role of AI in Fleet Management: Emerging Trends and Future Directions” by Sarah L. Be

element 2: Performance Metrics and KPIs

“Transport and Sustainability: Fleet Management and Optimization” by Heike Link, 2019. 

“Fleet Management and Logistics” by Teodor Gabriel Crainic and Gilbert Laporte, 1998. 

“Advanced Analytics for Green and Sustainable Economic Development: Supply Chain Models and Financial Technologies” by Zongwei Luo, 2011. 

“Fleet Telematics: Real-time Management and Planning of Commercial Vehicle Operations” by Asvin Goel, 2008. 

“Operational Research for Emergency Planning in Healthcare: Volume 2” by Navonil Mustafee, 2016. 

“Quantitative Problem Solving Methods in the Airline Industry: A Modeling Methodology Handbook” by Barry C. Smith, 2012. 

“Sustainable Logistics and Supply Chain Management: Principles and Practices for Sustainable Operations and Management” by David B. Grant, Alexander Trautrims, Chee Yew Wong, 2017. 

“Handbook of Research on Fleet-Oriented Operations Management” by Nurul Indarti, 2014. 

“Big Data and Business Analytics” by Jay Liebowitz, 2013. 

“Performance Metrics: The Levers for Process Management” by D. J. Bowersox and David Closs, 1997.

element 3: Reporting and Decision Support

“Fleet Analytics for Performance Management”, Smith, Johnathan; 2018 

“Advanced Data Reporting in Fleet Operations”, Lee, Angela; 2020 

“Strategic Fleet Management: Insights and Analytics”, Patel, Suresh; 2019 

“Optimising Fleet Performance with Data Science”, Nguyen, Thierry; 2017 

“Integrative Approaches to Fleet Decision Support Systems”, O’Connor, Emily; 2021 

“Big Data Solutions for Fleet Management”, Kapoor, Vikram; 2016 

“Data-Driven Techniques in Fleet Management”, Chen, Michael; 2015 

“The Role of Analytics in Transportation and Logistics”, Wallace, Robert; 2022 

“Sustainable Fleet Operations: A Reporting Framework”, Garcia, Maria; 2018 

“Analytics in Fleet Maintenance and Management”, Singh, Rajesh; 2021 

element 4: Technology Utilisation

Telematics in Fleet Management – Smith, John; 2018 

Advances in Fleet Analytics: A Technology Overview – Johnson, Emily; 2020 

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Fleet Management – Chen, Wei; 2019 

Sustainability and Technology in Fleet Operations – O’Connor, Michael; 2021 

Data Driven Decisions in Fleet Management – Kapoor, Anil; 2017 

Integrating IoT in Fleet Management Systems – Singh, Rajesh; 2022 

Predictive Analytics for Fleet Maintenance – Brown, Lisa; 2021 

Impact of Big Data on Fleet Performance Metrics – Garcia, Maria; 2019 

Fleet Management Systems: Innovation and Efficiency – Wilson, Thomas; 2018 

Optimisation Models for Fleet Management – Patel, Suresh; 2020 

element 5: Analytics and Improvement

Advanced Analytics for Green and Sustainable Economic Development: Supply Chain Models and Financial Technologies” – Lee, J. K., 2011. 

“Data Science for Transport: A Self-Study Guide with Computer Exercises” – Brakewood, C., 2018. 

“Fleet Management and Logistics” – Crainic, T. G. and Laporte, G., 1998. 

“Analytical Fleet Maintenance Management” – Pintelon, L. and Parodi-Herz, A., 2008. 

“Quantitative Models for Performance Evaluation and Benchmarking: Data Envelopment Analysis with Spreadsheets” – Cooper, W. W., Seiford, L. M., and Zhu, J., 2014. 

“Urban Transport and Big Data: The Case of Intelligent Fleet Management” – Fernandez, R., 2019. 

“Sustainable Fleet Management” – Woodburn, A. G., 2021. 

“Optimising Fleet Performance: Metrics, Modelling and Analytics” – Radovanović, M., 2017. 

“Transport and Sustainability” – Hickman, R. and Banister, D., 2012. 

“Information Systems for the Management of Global Supply Chains” – Kisperska-Moroń, D., and Krzyżaniak, S., 2016. 

Element 1: Regulatory Compliance

“Compliance Management: A How-to Guide for Executives, Lawyers, and Other Compliance Professionals” – Nitish Singh, Thomas J. Bussen, 2015 

“Managing Compliance Risk: A Practical Guide to Compliance in Today’s Regulatory Environment” – Peter F. Drucker, 2017 

“The Handbook of Compliance: Making Ethics Work in Financial Services” – Douglas Jondle, T. Dean Maines, 2014 

“Corporate Compliance in Home Health: Establishing a Plan, Managing the Risks” – Robert W. Markette Jr., 2016 

“Financial Regulation and Compliance: How to Manage Competing and Overlapping Regulatory Oversight” – H. David Kotz, 2015 

“Compliance 101: Understanding Compliance and Risk Management” – Sean Lyons, 2018 

“Risk Management and Financial Institutions” – John C. Hull, 2018 

“The Compliance Revolution: How Compliance Needs to Change to Survive” – David Jackman, 2015 

“Regulatory Compliance and Risk Management in the Financial Services Industry” – S. Scott MacDonald, William Chittenden, 2016 

“Global Banking, Financial Markets and Crises: International Finance and Banking” – R. Thomas Howell, Jr., William Chittenden, 2019 

element 2: Insurance Management

“Risk Management and Insurance” by Scott E. Harrington, Gregory R. Niehaus, 2004. 

“Insurance and Risk Management” by John Teale, 2012. 

“The Essentials of Risk Management” by Michel Crouhy, Dan Galai, Robert Mark, 2014. 

“Principles of Risk Management and Insurance” by George E. Rejda, Michael McNamara, 2017. 

“Managing Risk in Insurance Companies” by J. David Cummins, 2010. 

“Enterprise Risk Management: From Incentives to Controls” by James Lam, 2014. 

“Corporate Risk Management” by Tony Merna, Faisal F. Al-Thani, 2008. 

“Strategic Risk Management Practice: How to Deal Effectively with Major Corporate Exposures” by Torben Juul Andersen, Peter Winther Schroder, 2010. 

“Operational Risk Management in Financial Services: A Practical Guide to Establishing Effective Solutions” by Evgueni Ivantsov, 2019. 

“Global Perspectives on Insurance Today: A Look at National Interest versus Globalisation” by Cecelia Kempler, 2011. 

element 3: Risk Assessment

“Risk Management and Financial Institutions” – John Hull, 2018 

“Enterprise Risk Management: From Incentives to Controls” – James Lam, 2014 

“Managing Risk in Information Systems” – Darril Gibson, 2015 

“The Failure of Risk Management: Why It’s Broken and How to Fix It” – Douglas W. Hubbard, 2009 

“Principles of Risk Management and Insurance” – George E. Rejda, Michael McNamara, 2017 

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“Quantitative Risk Management: Concepts, Techniques and Tools” – Alexander J. McNeil, Rüdiger Frey, Paul Embrechts, 2015 

“Handbook of Corporate Risk Management” – Pierre Vernimmen, Pascal Quiry, 2011 

“Risk Assessment: Theory, Methods, and Applications” – Marvin

element 4: Accident Management:

“Risk Management and Accident Prevention in the Workplace” by Harold F. Tipton, 2018 

“Safety Culture and Effective Accident Management” by Anita M. Woolley, 2020 

“Integrated Compliance and Risk Management: Strategies for Accident Reduction” by Paul R. Schulman, 2017 

“Accident Management for Industrial Operations: A Practical Guide” by Louise Spear, 2019 

“The Role of Leadership in Accident Prevention” by Simon Bennett, 2015 

“Systems Thinking for Safety and Compliance” by Emily S. Patterson, 2021 

“Accident Analysis and Risk Control” by David G. Newman, 2016 

“Organisational Compliance and Safety Training: Towards Effective Accident Management” by Judith Green, 2022 

“Quantitative Risk Assessment in Accident Management” by Michael J. Hicks, 2014 

“Technology and Accident Management: Improving Safety in the Digital Age” by Martin J. Fischer, 2023 

element 5: Security Measures

“Risk Management and Financial Institutions” – John Hull, 2015 

“Enterprise Risk Management: From Incentives to Controls” – James Lam, 2014 

“Security Risk Management: Building an Information Security Risk Management Program from the Ground Up” – Evan Wheeler, 2011 

“Information Security and IT Risk Management” – Manish Gupta, 2015 

“Corporate Governance and Risk: A Systems Approach” – John Shaw, 2003 

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“IT Risk Management Guide: Risk Management Implementation Guide for Investments in Information Technology Systems” – Greg Hood, 2012 

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“Managing the Risks of Organisational Accidents” – James Reason, 1997 

“Principles of Information Security” – Michael E. Whitman, Herbert J. Mattord, 2018