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Governance Manager offers scalable pricing plans to fit any size organization. Don’t let budget limitations hold you back from achieving optimal governance.

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The pricing model for the Governance Manager software product is designed to cater flexibly to various government, regulator, peak body and corporate entity needs.

Assessment Bundles

Governance Manager offers assessment bundles which are required for conducting detailed governance evaluations against the chosen frameworks. To accommodate different sizes and scopes of governance needs, these bundles are available in varying quantities: 1, 5, 10, 50, 100, 250 and 500 assessments. This tiered structure allows organisations to scale their usage based on their specific requirements and the frequency of their governance reviews.


Governance Manager also adopts a reseller-preferred model. This approach emphasises the importance of specialist advice provided by authorised resellers, who play a critical role in helping clients effectively implement and manage the improvement initiatives identified through Governance Manager. This partnership ensures that clients not only purchase a software solution but also gain the expertise to optimise their governance processes.


This pricing model supports a strategic approach to governance management, enabling organisations to maintain rigorous governance standards while adapting to their evolving needs.



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